Office Hours

October 14, 2020

Starting from October 19, the lecturers will hold weekly office hours. The office hours will be on Webex or Zoom. Links to the office hours are available on ODTÜclass.

  • Ahmet Beyaz, Monday between 10:40-12:30.
  • Ömer Küçüksakallı, Wednesday between 10:40-12:30.
  • Baver Okutmuştur, Thursday between 13:30-15:15.

For frequently asked questions, see this page for Webex and see this page for Zoom.

Please note that an office hour is neither a lecture nor a recitation. The lecturers will not re-explain any particular topic or solve new questions. Instead, they will help you by suggesting alternative approaches to your questions that you can’t solve on your own.