Sample Exam

October 23, 2020

There will be 5 short exams throughout the semester with each one having a weight of %15. These exams will take place in ODTÜclass. The question types vary; multiple-choice, matching, true-false, fill in the blank, etc…

In order to illustrate the question types and the ODTÜclass exam environment, we have prepared a sample exam with no effect on your letter grade. You will be able to access this sample exam from Monday, Oct 26, 9:00 to Wednesday, Oct 28, 23:00 as many times as you want, UNLIKE the real exam.

IMPORTANT. READ CAREFULLY: Each one of the short exams will start at a designated time (see the syllabus for dates). The duration will be at most 30 minutes. You will be able to access each exam only once. If you skip a question, you cannot go back to that question. There is no fixed ordering of questions and we suggest you share your total exam time equally between questions.

The first short exam will start at 17:40 on Wednesday, Nov 4. The content of this first exam includes the material of the first three weeks (see the syllabus). There will be no direct question from the preliminaries chapter but it is essential to know those concepts to answer the calculus questions.