Make-up Policy

A student who has an accepted excuse can get a make-up for at most 2 regular exams. The make-up examinations for all exams will be after the final exam and will include all topics. The structure of the make-up exams MAY OR MAY NOT be like the regular exams. There will be an announcement including the format of the make-up and the application procedures after the final exam.

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Help-room is available

For the schedule and the links, please check your ODTÜClass account.

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Playlists on Youtube

You can reach Lecture and Recitation Videos via playlists:

Math 117 Fall 2020 - Lectures:

MATH 117 Fall 2020 - Recitations:

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Sample Exam

There will be 5 short exams throughout the semester with each one having a weight of %15. These exams will take place in ODTÜclass. The question types vary; multiple-choice, matching, true-false, fill in the blank, etc…

In order to illustrate the question types and the ODTÜclass exam environment, we have prepared a sample exam with no effect on your letter grade. You will be able to access this sample exam from Monday, Oct 26, 9:00 to Wednesday, Oct 28, 23:00 as many times as you want, UNLIKE the real exam.

IMPORTANT. READ CAREFULLY: Each one of the short exams will start at a designated time (see the syllabus for dates). The duration will be at most 30 minutes. You will be able to access each exam only once. If you skip a question, you cannot go back to that question. There is no fixed ordering of questions and we suggest you share your total exam time equally between questions.

The first short exam will start at 17:40 on Wednesday, Nov 4. The content of this first exam includes the material of the first three weeks (see the syllabus). There will be no direct question from the preliminaries chapter but it is essential to know those concepts to answer the calculus questions.

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Office Hours

Starting from October 19, the lecturers will hold weekly office hours. The office hours will be on Webex or Zoom. Links to the office hours are available on ODTÜclass.

  • Ahmet Beyaz, Monday between 10:40-12:30.
  • Ömer Küçüksakallı, Wednesday between 10:40-12:30.
  • Baver Okutmuştur, Thursday between 13:30-15:15.

For frequently asked questions, see this page for Webex and see this page for Zoom.

Please note that an office hour is neither a lecture nor a recitation. The lecturers will not re-explain any particular topic or solve new questions. Instead, they will help you by suggesting alternative approaches to your questions that you can’t solve on your own.

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Which section to register?

You cannot register to sections 1, 2, and 3 since their capacity is zero. You are supposed to register one of the following sections with two digits 11, 12, 21, 31, etc…

(This procedure has been and will be useful throughout the usual semesters with live lectures and recitations.)

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About schedule conflicts

The lectures will be asynchronous. You will be able to follow the lectures at your time of convenience. The links for the recorded lectures will be available soon.

The five short exams during the semester will be on Wednesday evenings. You can see the syllabus for the dates of these five short exams.

That’s why any conflict in your weekly schedule shall not pose a problem.

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Semester begins

This is the official website of the course Math 117 – Calculus I.

This page contains some information that can be helpful before you register for the course.

After the registration, we will be using OdtüClass.

Click here for the tentative syllabus. 

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